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Chapter 6: Who is more important…Me or Her…

Ventus opened his eyes, looking around the room his mind was wandering again only when he looked over did he realize he was in bed with Terra. He leaned over and nuzzled the older male, before feeling a slight pain in his chest. He didn't know why that had happened, it stopped when he pulled away from Terra. Even when he was just laying on Terra it wasn't there, he had to wonder why that happened. But he would let it go and think about that later. He moved to get off the bed, only to feel strong arms wrap around him. It was Terra, and again that slight aching pain appeared again, he didn't know what it was nor did he wish to know. He wanted to just make it go away, but as he clung onto Terra, he felt his mind wander. That girl had been in the room last night she was watching them wasn't she as she had always been there was nothing that would have helped them at this point in time right. "Terra…you okay?" he was concerned about his friend something seemed off with him again and he did not know what he was supposed to do about that. The blonde boy wanted to keep Terra all to himself and not let anyone take him away. If he got involved though that girl would hurt the others hadn't she said that. Maybe that was why Ventus was being so careful now though his feelings he couldn't hide anymore right. "Yea I'm fine why do you ask..." The brown haired male could tell something was up with Ventus but he wouldnt' push it sometimes things did end up happening. But Ven was not one for hiding things either, he usually ended up telling someone right. "Oh Ivory was in here last sounded like she was mad..." He had thought that Ivory and Terra had fought but Ivory didn't tell Terra she was in there. Nor had he been awake to know she was in there, that was not a good thing then. He had to check on that later, she must have done something if she was in here. "Well she doesn't matter let's go get something to eat...." Terra helped Ventus out of the room and looked around Ivory was nowhere to be found so that was at least a start wasn't it.

He peeked out over Terra's shoulder and just like that there she was clinging to Terra again, Ventus moved past them not in the mood of fighting with her today. He was already worn out and had a few of his own problems that wanted to show themselves again. 'For some reason I feel like something happened...when Master tried to remove the darkness...did he get it all...'Ventus was thinking to himself so he really didn't know if the Master had gotten it all, and the Master was probably still sleeping after all that would have exhausted anyone even the Master. "Hi Aqua!" Ventus waved at Aqua acting as if nothing was wrong  he didn't want people to worry about him, though he just wished Ivory would leave and go home so he could have Terra back. He wondered what her scheme was. Did it have anything to do with Vanitas? And what that black haired boy wanted from Ventus.  He was not sure and truly didn't want to end up vanishing again, he just wished she'd go away and never show up again. He would have to talk to her later, or he might end up getting annoyed again. "Ventus how did you sleep?" Aqua was always trying to make sure that he was okay and that was just how it was even more now. Nothing would go that well and then there was the fact that things went even harder for all of them now. He knew if he told Aqua about it he would bring her into harms way and Terra was not bound to listen to him when did he ever after all. "Oh um good must have fallen asleep in Terra's room though I don't remember going in there..." He was lying in a sense, but at the same time he wasn't really. There was some truth in that statement, he did wish he could just forget it. That girl was ruining everything for them all and she barely cared.

There had to be a reason why she was like that maybe one she wasn't telling, then again Ven knew she was not working alone. She was probably with Vanitas, he just wasn't sure how to tell  Terra or whether the boy would believe him. But after all they had been through together he at the very least figured Terra would at least try for them all right. He sat down at the kitchen table and started to mess with Terra's old knife which had been left on the table again. Terra usually left that thing laying around and then wondered where it went when  he came to look for it again. "Where's Terra?" Ventus looked down when she asked that just ask Terra walked into the room with Ivory clinging onto his arm. "We should go to the amusement park Terra..." She was pouting trying to get him to agree.

Ventus looked up at Terra, and wondered what he was going to say, there was just nothing that would have made this better for all of them right. "We will only go if Ventus and Aqua can come to..." Terra seemed to be doing whatever it took to not make this a date, there was only one person he would ever want to take to a place in the date sense. And well Ventus knew who that was, so did the others probably though Ivory just passed it off, and Aqua said nothing going back to making food for them. "Fine..." She pouted again, she didn't want them to go but getting Terra to change his mind was just about impossible. Most of them knew this and it was like that when it came to her to. Not just the way he treated them sometimes mainly it was directing at her. There was no way she was going to get them to not go, he had been waiting for this forever and there was no way some girl was going to ruin it. Even if she was as annoying as that one idiot from that one world they had gone to.

That girl had never known when to shut up, at least that time she had known that Terra and Ventus were a couple even if Aqua hadn't at that time. His mind started to wander again as he tried to get his mind back in order again, he wanted to just make people happy and yet here he was failing again. 'Why do I keep failing...I can't help them or myself...or anyone...nothing ended up helping now...' He knew he had to get out of this and even if it did not make any sense he might as well just try to work with it before it got worse again. He wanted to have his friends be happy but here he was screwing that up no one wanted to know about it did they. "Excuse me..."Ventus got up and walked away trying not to listen to what his heart was saying to him he couldn't and didn't want to listen to it. If he did he never knew what might happen to him he was trying to be sure of what he wanted. A song flowed into his mind and he was in no mood to pay attention to anything else. The boy opened his mouth to let the words flow past his lips.

"I walk the line...leave it all behind...I've been waiting forever...Let's go back in time when I could read your mind..." The boy passed and thought to Terra and the others, they would not know what he was doing out here but did he care. "It took the seasons going know its not my fault...I tried to be perfect, tried to be honest, tried to be everything you ever wanted. Tried to be stronger, tried to smarter, tried to be everything but you. It's been so long since you've been home, I used to wait up forever."

"I used to say a pray wishing you were there...and I'm still told me'd show up, but I fell that before I fell to pieces, then I woke up to no one." the tears fell as the boy tried to keep singing...his body was shivering as if the cold that wasn't there was getting to him. 'Terra why...' He stood up and let the tears fall as he continued to sing, his voice cracking the more he tried. He switched to another song that flowed into his mind. "Tell me that it's gonna be okay...tell me that you'll me find my way...tell me you can see the light of dawn is breaking...tell me that it's gonna be alright...tell me that you'll help me fight this fight...tell me that you won't leave me alone in this...Cause I need a hand to hold me from the edge the edge I'm sliding over slow..."

"To convince you that i'm not a ghost or a stranger, but closer then you think. Love standing on the rooftop ready to fall, I think I'm at the edge but I could be wrong...I think I'm at the edge but I could be wrong...The image won't focus a blur is all that is seen. But here in this moment likely out of a storm it all came clear.

I took one look from the heart's I once loved...." The boy fell to his knees screaming, the pain in his chest was like a burning, could it be the darkness or something else. He didn't want to think of what that was, even if he might have fallen here. He moved back towards the house, to see Terra on the floor and Aqua fighting against a unversed. He looked to Ivory who was hiding in a corner. 'This is because of her...' He summoned his keyblade, the darkness in his eye had faded again he knew that he had to do something. He let some of the darkness show as he backed up leading the unversed away. "take care of Terra Aqua...." He didn't know if this was a good idea but as he got the unversed out of the house he attacked it, and watched as it tried to claw him.

He was better then that now, for some reason he was even faster and he didn't know why. He had finished the unversed creature as he fell back onto his butt. "ow...." When he looked up Ivory was glaring at him, he ignored her and just pulled himself back up to go check on Terra. He raced past her, feeling her nails claw at his shoulder. "Jerk..."was all the blonde boy said as he fell next to Terra. He touched Terra, the older male was breathing but he was wounded to. Ventus only had a little cure magic left, as he put his hands over Terra's wound trying to focus. Aqua helped Ventus, looking up at Ivory, she was annoying and they all wanted her gone. "He'll be fine why don't me and you get him into his room...and lock the keep the key with you..." she whispered the last part,and moved to help Ventus carry Terra. They ignored Ivory like she wasn't even there, which is all they could do at this point.

Ventus nodded to Aqua as they put him down, she left the room. "Terra you have to make a choice that girl or me...if you can't pick then well I'm gone...better me not to be here...anyway..." He turned and walked out of the room without another word, locking the door. He didn't want to deal with this anymore. The pain in his eye had started up again and he was trying to get it to go away now. Unknown to Ventus Terra had been awake to hear the whole thing. Not that the blonde boy truly cared, he was to tired and annoyed just by the tone of his voice. He looked around and then to the door where Ventus had walked out. "Why would I have to pick...I already know what I want..." He looked at the bracelet Ventus had left it on his arm. There was nothing that would help out now.

"Aqua are we still going well you know..." they would probably be going tomorrow, and it was not that easy for anyone anymore. "Yea Ventus me and you and Ivory can plan that...maybe we can also get you some alone time with Terra..." She had to whisper things about Terra now that Ivory was here. If Ivory found out anything that Ventus was going to do with Terra, that girl would get in the way as she always ended up doing. He did not plan on losing to her, not now after all the crap he had done to get her to leave them alone. Though at the same time he knew it wouldn't be that easy now would it. "Well Ventus let's get started we should make a plan of what to do..." there was just a few things that they could do now, if it even worked out that way right now again.

He pulled out a map they kept of the amusement park and spread it on the table, looking at the circles and routes from old trips they had taken there. "I want to go here...and on that roller coaster..." He knew that Aqua didnt' like them but Terra did, so he might as well take him on them that would give them alone time. Since well Aqua didn't mind dealing with Ivory, so that was easy enough to have things go that way right. "Well we can run this by Terra in the morning...Hey Ivory come over here why don't you join us for once..." He waved her over even though he hated her, he knew this was the only way that it would for all of them.

Ivory nodded and wandered over, though she sat next to Aqua not Ventus, she didn't want to sit next to him. He hated her and she didn't like him much he was getting in the way of her time with Terra. And it annoyed her even more now. 'Just a little bit longer...and this will be over...' After all the planning of the next day they had to work on things. Aqua motioned Ivory to a room for herself, and watched as Ventus wandered into his room to sleep. He curled up under the blankets and held a picture of Terra and the others before all of this had happened close to his chest. "Good night Terra, Aqua...You are always my friends..." he wanted to keep them close as he fell asleep, the covers falling off of his body, to reveal Vanitas cutting into Ventus's side.

He didn't know it because he would feel no pain until tomorrow, but things might as well have gone that way. Vanitas vanished from sight again not worrying about it. 'Good luck boy you have a dark battle ahead of you...'

Author notes: Well Ventus hates Ivory, and Terra has picked Ventus, but he hasn't told Ven that yet. And Ivory has her own plans that have to do with all of them, just another day at the amusement park right. The songs that Ven was singing to himself were I tried to be Perfect By Hawk Nelson

A hand to Hold~ I don't know the one who sang this but yea shouldn't be hard to find~

And Ready to fall by Rise against.

~Yes Ventus can sing, he's not perfect but yea...writing other stories at the moment might as well make today worth it~

Chapter 6 to Scrapbook of the Past~ Picture isn't mine~
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